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What is a trademark?

Trademark: a word, phrase, symbol or combination that distinguishes the source of one good from those of another.

Why protect your trademark?

If you are a niche manufacturer as described above, your small crowd almost certainly requires you to sell out of state.  If you are selling or want to sell products in more than one state and the products are worth naming, then it is worth protecting the brand name.  Your unique customers must know where the goods they buy come from—a strong trademark makes that happen.

Why use Nolan Law?

Nolan Law can help you decide whether or not to register a trademark.  We can also perform an extensive name search that provides a list of companies and people who are using marks that may be confused with yours. This search includes unregistered users, the TM’s of the world, who are hard to find without an appropriate search.

In addition to saving you time, federal registration performed by Nolan Law, includes an analysis of the search results.  You will also receive an analysis of your mark’s strength.  This means that you have a skilled advisor in the selection of your mark.  If the analysis reveals that your mark could be stronger, Nolan Law can help you select a stronger one.  These efforts provide you with the information you need to tailor your plans to deal with those who may have priority rights over the mark in their locality. If you know about these people in advance, you can strategize from a position of power rather than reacting to problems.

In addition, there are a multitude of contracts that need to be executed to protect your name and define your relationships with customers, employees, and others.  The most important of such contracts are confidentiality agreements, non-competition agreements, and licensing agreements.